What is the biggest waste of money people make? – Credit

I have collected from some forums what people consider to be the most unnecessary waste of money.

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Refuel expensive, high octane premium gasoline in a car with the engine set to 95 octane.

Toys for cats. I bought a $ 15 toy for my cat, but it was only willing to play with the cashier block.

Sometimes credit lasts longer than marriage

Ragwearing weddings, to which the newlyweds even borrow. Sometimes credit lasts longer than marriage. (Article: Expensive wedding, long marriage?)

Pay for the most expensive cable TV package and even Netflix when you barely watch any.

Buy an expensive camera full of extra features that you use in full auto mode just like any other cheap camera.

Buy advertising in the pharmacy instead of the active ingredient. 400mg of ibuprofen is what relieves pain, not the heavily advertised brand name that causes you to pay five times more for the same active ingredient.

Compete with those around you who have more


Bigger or more expensive stuff, a house or a car. If your self-esteem is secured only if you spend more than others, you have serious problems in this area. Not only your money, but also your life is wastelessly wasted, completely unnecessary.

Beat a fortune to a funeral and then to the grave. It does not matter to the dead, it is a pity to waste the money of the living. You should have expressed your love for him while he was alive. (Even if that’s the reason you applaud so much for his death.)

An expensive HDMI cable. The digital signal is 0 or 1, and the expensive cable cannot transmit the digital signal any better than its cheaper counterpart. Even though I told all the people in the shop where I worked that an average quality cable knows the same thing, everyone bought the $ 70 cable because it would surely have a better signal. But there were some who gave $ 500 for an HDMI cable just because it was a Harvey-Normann brand. (Of course, you don’t want to buy a usable HDMI cable for 300 forints, but it’s also unnecessary for 17 thousand forints.)

Annual fitness pass when you know it’s good to go down three times a week for half of the year.

In a plastic bottle to carry home


Water from the store, five hundred times more than it would cost to get out of the tap.

Save a lot of money as an emergency reserve on your account where you won’t get any interest.

Coffee. I made $ 90-100 a month in coffee until I got used to it. Since then, she is not missing.

Detoxifying cures and homeopathic remedies or pills. All a waste of money only.

Pay for your modem or extra settop box every month to your ISP or cable provider. You can buy a modem for a monthly fee of six to seven.

Diamond. If you’ve been trying to sell diamonds, you know what I’m talking about. I paid eight thousand dollars for an engagement ring that the merchant wanted to buy back for $ 650. (Article: Gemstone as an investment)

What do you think is the biggest waste of money people still spend a lot of money on?