Double capital in case of death by accident, double security for yours

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Unlike other insurance products in which we seek coverage of property in property such as car or home insurance, or simply our own welfare as in health insurance, in life insurance we essentially hire not to protect ourselves we or our assets, we do it thinking about the economic well-being of those we love most.

For this we cover the needs of our family by calculating a capital that, at least, always allows us to pay the debts that we can have -mainly the mortgage-, and also leaves an additional capital that allows the rest of the family to cover needs such as the studies of the children and mainly that of sufficient margin so that the family adapted the financial situation to the hard changes that supposes the loss of one of the heads of family.

Double economic security for an unexpected death

But in this calculation not only expenses converge, we also estimate, in a more or less unconscious way, our current or personal economic situation. If we are young, or if we have some assets that we can dispose of, they allow us, a priori, to have a greater margin over our finances and with this, to safeguard the needs of our family.

In the first case, the normal thing is to have a broad life expectancy that allows us to improve our financial situation. In the second case, if we have other assets, such as real estate, it allows us to dispose of them, but always needing some time to administer them or manage the sale of these goods correctly, something that many times we can do in case of illness but not if an accident happens.

Without any margin or time, an accident, always unexpected, can entail not only the strong impact of the loss of a loved one, but suddenly, economic problems arrive with little margin to seek other solutions. To solve these cases, Aegon Full Life insurance offers the payment of double capital in case of accident. With all this, we assure that before this serious unforeseen and always taking as a base a capital that must cover the basic needs, a greater economic margin that helps the ones we most want to cover all their needs, without hassles, without haste.